8beat[atmel] ATtiny85 eurorack 8bits dirty modules! amand17 months
arcadia[linux] sprite, scrolling and so on... amand23 months
collection[linux] petite gestion de collection à la "taskwarrior" amand2 years
docker-toolchain-armv6hf[linux,docker] cross compilation toolchain for armv6hf amand2 years
eQUInox[arduino] oscillateur(s) 8bit Arduino amand2 years
existence[vulkan] vulkan experimentation... amand7 months[web] version 2018 sqlite amand2 years
hallowino[arduino] un arduino + un rire d'Halloween en 8bits = que du fun ! ... et plein ...amand2 years
headhunter[linux,opengl] Shoot'em up engine amand2 years
helloworld-ndk[android] android en C++ sans Java et sans IDE ! :-D amand2 years
iceolate[linux] cover visualiser for mocp amand4 months
kampfbereit[linux,opengl] 2D pixel art shmup amand21 months
kinect[linux] linux and kinect amand2 years
loud[linux] very basic modplayer amand21 months
lovelyday[linux] windows manager super light amand7 months
moneycommand line tool for budget amand9 months
motion[opengl] utilities and tools amand2 years
pixelart[linux,opengl] pixelart editor amand21 months
pulse[linux,raspi] CV/Gate MIDI sequencer inspiré par les modplayers amand2 years
replicantPlayer for command and keys send to X11 windows amand9 months
shaderlite[linux,raspi,opengl] fun with shader amand23 months
skin[linux,raspi,opengl] light GL User Interface amand9 months
take_one[linux] launcher pour X11 super simple amand16 months
visualization.junkdrome[kodi,linux,opengl] shader kodi music vizualisation amand3 weeks
visualization.parasite[kodi,linux,opengl] 1 million particles kodi music vizualisation amand2 years